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7.5 Million Awarded
Nursing Home Suit

Laurel Jury finds in favor of
Grace Fugate in 6 year old court case.

Corbin, KY, July 1, 2010

After ninety minutes of deliberation the jury returned a verdict charging Corbin’s Hillcrest Nursing Home $383,097.95 for the past medical expenses, $766,195.90 for future medical expenses and $1million for past and future physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering.

“This vindicates me, This vindicates me. They can’t say I lied anymore.” Grace Fugate told her lawyers as they hugged at Fugate’s Laurel Heights apartment. Fugate was also awarded $5 million punitive damages.

Annette Morgan said when the news was broken, “She grabbed me and hugged me, threw her arms around me and started to cry.” Morgan had represented Fugate in a three-day trial in Laurel circuit court. Morgan added, “My primary concern now is collecting this money so Grace doesn’t have to live the rest of her life in a nursing home, so she can move back into her own place and have sufficient money so she can retain health and die at home.”

“Since the fall, she’s never been able to live independently” said Morgan. “She liked her
independence. She did not want to be dependent on someone else. She didn’t want to give up her privacy and give up living in her own home.”




Joni Parrish

In October of 2005, I went into Labor. Although it was obvious something was terribly wrong, hours passed and my baby’s vital signs grew more and more worrisome.

It was only after pleading with the doctor, did she finally agree to do a C-Section.

Too Little, Too Late. My baby was dead.

As soon as I was physically able I hired Annette Morgan. I knew that money would never help the pain of losing my first child, but I also knew that it would not be right to let the people responsible for my baby’s death get away with it.

I feel that Annette Morgan fought for me and my baby to get the only justice available. She did exactly what she told me she would do and more. She took a personal interest in the case, as if it had been her own child. I will always be appreciative for what she did.

                                                                                                                        – JONI PARRISH